Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Angel on Earth

I am a person who doesn’t have the patience filling up raffle tickets, wrappers, etc. for draws on certain product promos. Last December 20, 2008 I bought four units Nokia 95 phones at Galleon Enterprise in Robinson’s Place here in Bacolod City. The sales lady told me that Nokia has a Christmas promo. Simply text name, address and the serial number of N95 units bought to register entry to the draw. According to her Nokia conducts a daily draw, declaring 2 winners each both from Luzon & VisMin areas. NOKIA 2680 Slide phones are the prices. Since I am not an advocate of these promos I did not text to register the four N95 I bought that day.

December 25 I bought another four N95 phones on the same store. The same sales lady was the one who attended me. After paying I hurriedly left but then the lady called. “Ma’am, did you text to register your entries?” “No,” I answered. She looked at me in the eyes, smiled and insisted that I register the entries for according to her I have more chances of winning since I bought 8 units. She added that many of their customers who bought only 1 unit already won. So to appease her I handed her my phone to register one entry before I left.

Frankly, I did not bother to register the remaining 7 entries to the raffle draw but then the sales lady kept on texting me that I must register before the deadline. Then I thought…..What have I to lose? SO, I DID.

Now, I’m pondering. THAT SALES LADY WAS AN ANGEL!!! I now hold four (4) Nokia 2680 Slide phones that I won in the Dec. 20 & Dec. 25 Nokia raffle draws.


  1. Congrats on the win! I was able to benefit from it. Mwahahahaha!

  2. Tnx for taking time to read my post.